Welcome and thank you for your interest in the role of Chair of Trustees of Prior Park Educational Trust, the governing body of the Prior Park Schools (“the Schools”).

Prior Park Educational Trust (“the Trust”) is looking to appoint a Chair of Trustees, from 1 September 2024, to provide strategic leadership to the Trustees in supporting the Schools, their Local Boards, and the Executive to drive the Trust’s commitment to transforming the lives of the young people we serve.

In making this appointment, the Board of Trustees (“the Board”) is looking for an inspirational, inclusive, and visionary leader who will invest in the next stage of the Trust’s development, challenging and supporting it to provide the best possible opportunities for every child in our Schools.

The Trust was set up in 1980 and run by lay people who deeply valued a legacy of Catholic education at the College dating back to 1830. The College was joined in 2006 by The Paragon, a nearby Christian Junior School. Then in 2016, the Trust embarked on an international adventure in opening Prior Park School Gibraltar, another independent Catholic senior school. Looking forwards, the Trust is open to further growth in alignment with its ethos and values.

Our Mission is to steward a thriving family of communities with love for the young people they serve at their heart. Within each school’s faith tradition, these vibrant communities cultivate creativity, foster integrity, and transform lives. They inspire their young people with the curiosity to learn, the courage to become the best they can be, and the generosity to serve the world with humility and joy.

We seek applications from committed Roman Catholics and Christians of other denominations. We are an outward-looking ecumenically spirited Board, working to support the ethos of our schools.

The new Chair will join the Board at a time of great opportunity and innovation for the Trust, as well as one of challenge and change for the independent sector. The Board is seeking individuals with the vision and passion to work collaboratively with the Board and the Executive to secure the educational and financial sustainability and the continuing success of our Schools in the years to come.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Tony Alves

Vice Chair (Interim)

Prior Park Educational Trust